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By joining our CSA, you are agreeing to receive a "share" of our local farm-fresh produce in the form of weekly boxes distributed throughout the summer. Your payment, made prior to the growing season, is an act of faith that we, as your farmer, will make good on our pledge to provide you with a consistent variety of quality veggies. We use the start-up capital for seed and other supplies to get the gardens into full swing, from our fields to your forks.

To learn more about the CSA model and how it works, read HERE

Our shares amount to 19 boxes over the course of 20 weeks, from the beginning of June through mid-October. This accounts for one "break week," which we schedule prior to the start of each season. Our boxes are not customized. Whatever is ready for harvest is what you get! We try to emphasize the primary crops (like beans, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions) with some secondary crops (like kale, radish, beets, kohlrabi) and a few obscure crops (like okra, Asian greens, fennel, eggplant). We take the time to write up a newsletter describing what's in your box, ideas for storage and preparation, farm updates, and recipes.

We currently service Freeman, Yankon, and the Sioux Falls area (including Brandon, Harrisburg, Tea, Lennox, and Parker)  Freeman and Yankton members pick up their share at farmers market. Sioux Falls members pay for direct delivery to their home or business. Details HERE.

The total cost of the CSA, which is paid upon signing up, will be based on which delivery/pick up option and share size you select.



  • 8-9 different items each week

  • Average of $28/worth each week

  • Feeds a family or a couple eating a veggie-heavy diet



  • 4-6 different items each week

  • Average of $18/worth each week

  • Feeds one or two people



June 24: head lettuce, carrots, snap peas, basil, mini cucumbers, purple onion, collards, zucchini, garlic scapes

August 5: heirloom tomatoes, kohlrabi, peppers, carrots, sweet onion, kale, beets, flat leaf parsley, watermelon

September 16: leeks, potatoes, garlic, apple medley, mesclun mix, baby butternut squash, carrots, tomatoes , dill


June 24: head lettuce, snap peas, kohlrabi, zucchini, green onion, garlic scapes

August 5: heirloom tomatoes, sweet onion, cucumbers, carrots, peppers

September 16: garlic, heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, leeks, radish, baby butternut squash

September Full Share

Late June Full Share

Early June Full Share

August Full Share

October Full Share

July Full Share

Sample Newsletter

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