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  • Can I choose what goes in my box?
    Not for the time being. Using what's in-season and abundant is part of the spirit of a CSA. We will prioritize giving you popular staple crops with a few lesser-known items scattered in. Each box will come with recipes or cooking tips to help stimulate your imagination! You can always purchase more of a certain item at one of our two market locations--Freeman & Market at the Meridian in Yankton.
  • What if I will be out of town when you deliver?
    If you will be out of town, you may consider having a friend, family member, or neighbor pick up your box for you. If it's easier to just skip, please inform us at least a week in advance and we will not deliver to you that week. We will offer ONE "make-up" box at the end of the season, whether that is a formal box or credit to use at the Farmers Market. Keep in mind that we have one week-long break into our CSA schedule. We will inform you of those dates prior to the beginning of CSA season.
  • I live in the Freeman/Yankton area. Can I get my box delivered?
    For time and simplicity's sake, we prefer that you pick up your box either at the designated farmers market or directly off the farm. If you would like to work out a direct delivery agreement, please contact us prior to filling out your registration form. Delivery fees will apply.
  • I don't live in the Freeman, Yankton or Sioux Falls Areas. Can I still sign up?
    Maybe, just ask! But it may require you driving to meet us somewhere. We only drive to Yankton, Freeman, Sioux Falls, and several surrounding towns (Tea, Harrisburg, Brandon, Lennox, and Parker) See the delivery options page for details.
  • What am I paying for?
    This is the price breakdown of every box FOR HALF SHARE: $18/week Value of produce: $15.50 Service cost (assembly, newsletter, municipal tax): $2.50 Delivery: $0-$2.50 FOR FULL SHARE: $28.00/week Value of produce: $25.50 Service cost (assembly, newsletter, municipal tax): $2.50 Delivery: $0-$5.00
  • How can I get meat, eggs, and other farm products?
    We will send the occasional email if we have extra produce & other products (lamb, chicken, eggs, or soap). You can also find our eggs, soap, and occasionally lamb at the Market at the Meridian in Yankton. Other members of our family grow a wide variety of products--whole wheat flour, raw milk, grassfed beef, pork, chicken, and eggs. We are brainstorming ways that we can aggregate our products to purchase from one central location, but for now, we would be happy to steer you their way! We are well connected with other producers in the area and are always happy to make a recommendation based on what you're looking for.
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